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Brain on Fire

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I-DareToLive is an education and recovery program established to help people enjoy total wellness from the brain down to other major organs. We seek to accomplish this via the Web App, Brain Health and Total Wellness, which features:

  • Home Wellness Spa to help persons create and implement lifestyle-center environs and programs at home. Learn how to plan and implement a daily program for health and body spa treatments; and remedies to treat lifestyle diseases that include diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and immune system related issues in the home-care levels.
  • Work Wellness Adventure to provide a guide as to how the principles of the Home Wellness Spa can be adapted in the workplace to improve employees’ health, productivity, and morale.
  • The Brain Performance Booster consisting of six videos, six audios, and a handbook with brain health remedies for learning and memory, and mental health disorders.
  • I’ve Got Joy is a set of six audios to reduce stress and improve the immune system.
  • I Can Make It, a book that provides life skills training via worksheets.
  • Empowered to Make Your Marriage Work, a book that assists persons with issues affecting singles and married persons.

Healthy Living is a Mini App within Brain Health and Total Wellness. The mini app comprises the Home Wellness Spa book, the Lymphatic Drainage Self-Massage video, I’ve Got Joy audio series, Relaxation audio, and past workshop videos.

The objective is to help persons recover from stress, trauma, and lifestyle diseases that include mental health disorders, particularly depression and anxiety, which may be crippling them and causing feelings of despair.

Our purpose is to offer hope via counseling and training individuals to be first responders as well as through recovery programs, and seminars-workshops for groups.


Our main programs:

 Health & Wellness

Clinical Assessment

 Health Recovery 

Responders Training



Management and Support Group

Dr. Meletha St. Hill, founder of I-Dare To Live is the Chief Executive Officer, psychologist, health care provider, consultant, and author. Other health care providers are involved.

Meet Us

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Your Health Plan

I-DareToLive is your best mental health plan because the focus is on treating causes to eliminate the symptoms and teach you how to prevent problems from recurring via the brain-whole-body system.

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Let Us Help You Now

We treat stress and trauma; teach brain rewiring, learning strategies, behavior change; and reverse the causes of depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Type III diabetes of the brain, and obesity.

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Outreach Activities

We work to help small groups, churches, schools, companies, and community groups. We provide uniquely tailored seminars and workshops as well as responders training for specific environments.

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