Group Training for Individual Psychological Health

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The IDL Responders Training is a comprehensive training program provided to equip persons to assist others who have problems of depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s, obesity, emotional and relational disturbances, stress, and trauma.

The training is over a one-month period includes the following topics:

  • Understanding brain function
  • Brain wiring and rewiring
  • Stress and trauma recovery
  • Brain-based learning
  • Depression and anxiety recovery
  • Total wellness from the brain down
  • Individual and group basic psychological counseling techniques

Training involves:

  • Two, 6-hour workshops
  • Two, 2-hour group counseling sessions
  • Two, 1-hour individual counseling sessions



See summary of the resource materials.




See the preview of the resource materials: 30-minute video clip and handbook.

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The cost per participant is $1,500.

The person-limit is 10-30 in any given training program.



To request training for you or your group, complete the IDL Training Form by clicking the button below.

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