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February 2023

Eating for Health #2: Prevent and Treat Diseases

7:00pm AST/6.00pmEST

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Meletha M. E. St. Hill, Ph.D.

Chef Natalie Palmer, Michelle Hall


February 2023

Increase Your Brain Power and Be Amazing!


3:00pm-6.15pm AST, or                   2.00pm-5.15pm EST



Dr. Meletha M. E. St. Hill, Psychologist


March-April 2023

I-Dare To Live Responders Training

Mental health counseling to impact total wellness of mind, body, and spirit 

9.00am to 4.00pm AST

Monday to Thursday – 1st week

5.00pm to 6.30pm AST

Monday to Thursday – 2nd week

Dr. Meletha M. E. St. Hill


Health Professionals

Group leaders 

Brain Health and Total Wellness

Get assistance in applying the laws of health via this App. You would be guided in complete nutrition as well as meal planning and preparation of raw and cooked food. This is your opportunity to experience reversal of lifestyle mental and physical health disorders. See Resources. Subscribe today


Holiday Treats Dec. 12

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Music, Movies, & Media on the Brain Nov 28

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Diabetes Prevention & Reversal Nov 21

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Diabetes Prevention & Reversal Nov 14

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Brain Fog & Alzheimer’s Sept 26

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Herbal Remedies #2 Sept 19

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Herbal Remedies #1 Sept 12

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Foods, Herbs, Spices Aug 29

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Mamon Wilson Aug 22

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Raw Food Aug 15

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Raw Food Aug 8

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