Brain Performance Booster

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The Brain Performance Booster (BPB) is a set of 4 videos and 6 audio presentations with a handbook of remedies, therapeutic activities, meal planning, food preparation, and beauty care. The BPB has been produced as a web app and as a set of 5 DVDs to provide important, basic education to help you achieve optimal health.

The focus of BPB is understanding the brain in connection with the gut, adrenals, liver, heart, immune system, and lymphatic system to be able to work from cause to effect and effectively treat problems you face.

In the BPB learning process, you will understand the cause of mental health disorders and challenges associated with the brain so that you can make informed decisions to improve your thinking, emotions, moods, mental and physical health, hormonal balance, learning, memory, motivation, behaviors (of self and others), and relationships.

Brain Booster  

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I Can Make It

In spite of . . . 

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 I Can Make It provides activities for change, growth, and success. The book covers life skills that include stress management, effective communication, self-esteem, anger management, time management, family life, budgeting, career selection and testing, and steps to take in finding a job as well as resume writing.

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I Can Make It Big Time in spite of the circumstances of life. Instead of doing the same things others are trying to do, making lemonade with lemons, I will make lemon cake.


I’ve Got Joy

To Improve Health


I’ve Got Joy is an audio series that provide relaxation and Biblical meditation for Christians. It is life-changing to improve your mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological health. Experience therapy, without the presence of a counselor, and a connection with God through the life of Jesus. The strategies will help you release stress while building your immune system to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases and improve brain functioning.

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