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ALL RESOURCES listed are included in the Brain Health and Total Wellness App so that there is no need for individual purchase when subscribing for the online program. However, a person can purchase specific products at the links given.



Home Wellness Spa

Taking Charge of My Life

The Home Wellness Spa Book provides education as to how you can prepare your home environment to function as a Wellness Spa. Learn how to balance your life, eat healthier as you are provided with meal planning and recipes, have better memory, be more creative, and enjoy improved relationships. This program is your practical training to increase your ability to plan and execute a program of activities for total individual and family development.

Get a Jump Start. Experience a 10-day challenge with a prepared simple meal plan, shopping list, and full-day activity plan to get you started on the road to health and to ensure your success. You will be able to practice the natural laws of health in an easy-to-follow daily guide.

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Implementing the principles of health in daily living.

Executives Discussing plans

Work Wellness Adventure

This handbook provides guidelines for Human Resource Management and employees working at home to implement activities that compliment and support the Home Wellness Spa for total well being. Key components of the adventure are: conducting an employees’ needs assessment, establishing the program of activities, and performing an evaluation at the end of the program.


Brain Performance Booster

Empowering people for health


The Brain Performance Booster (BPB) is a set of 6 videos and 6 audio presentations with a handbook of brief notes, remedies, and therapeutic activities. The BPB has been produced to provide important, basic education to help you achieve optimal health.

The focus of BPB is understanding the brain in connection with the gut, adrenals, liver, heart, immune system, and lymphatic system to be able to work from cause to effect and effectively treat lifestyle health problems you face.

In the BPB learning process, you will understand the cause of mental health disorders and challenges associated with the brain so that you can make informed decisions to improve your thinking, emotions, moods, mental and physical health, hormonal balance, learning, memory, motivation, behaviors (of self and others), and relationships.




I Can Make It

My success is guaranteed in spite of . . . 

Silhouette climbing up a mountain

 I Can Make It provides activities for change, growth, and success. The book covers life skills that include stress management, effective communication, self-esteem, anger management, time management, family life, budgeting, career selection and testing, and steps to take in finding a job as well as resume writing.

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I Can Make It Big Time in spite of the circumstances of life. Instead of doing the same things others are trying to do, making lemonade with lemons, I will make lemon cake.



Empowered to Make Your Marriage Work

For singles and married persons

Prevent the pitfalls of making a bad choice in the selection of a spouse or learn how to make changes to have a happy life with your spouse. Understand how past social issues and spiritual behavior can affect your marriage. Learn skills in effective communication, money management, and sexual intimacy.

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Empowered to Make Your Marriage Work to have a happy and fulfilled life. Teaching and practice of skills that singles and married persons need to develop.


I’ve Got Joy

To Improve Health


I’ve Got Joy is an audio series that provide motivational and therapeutic experiences. It is life-changing to improve your mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological health. Have opportunity for personal growth and improve your relationship with God. The relaxation-meditation experiences will help you release stress while building your immune system to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases and improve brain functioning.

Each of the six presentations has two tracks. Track 1 is motivational and informative. Track 2 is therapeutic, stress reduction, and brain rewiring via relaxation and meditation on spiritual, Bible-based themes.

I’ve Got Joy is offered as one of the resources in the Brain Health and Total Wellness App.

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Track 1 – A Night to be Remembered

  • God’s promises in scripture to relieve your pain

Track 2 – Courage For The Journey

  • Accept God’s promises



A More Wonderful Me

Track 1 – An Attitude of Joy

  • How your thoughts affect your life

Track 2 – A Marvelous You

  • Making the change necessary



My Only Joy

Track 1 – Real Love, Real Joy

  • Realize that man’s only hope is in Jesus

Track 2 – That Look!

  • Experience Jesus’ love for you on the cross



Not Guilty

Track 1 – Ere The Gates Close

  • Be ready for the judgment

Track 2 – When God Calls Your Name

  •  Jesus clears your name for eternity



Joy In The Morning

Track 1 – Joy Forever

  • The Bible prophecies tell Jesus is soon to return

Track 2 – In Pomp And Splendor

  • The dramatic return of Jesus



I’ve Got Joy

Track 1 – Let Your Walls Fall Down

  • Victory is yours when God tears down your walls

Track 2 – I’ve Got Joy

  • Claim the victory over sin through Jesus






My Future Is Secure

As revealed in the sanctuary

The best is yet to come. Although the future on earth looks hopeless, God promised a future that is without sin and glories beyond our imagination. 

Study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in three reading options, 72 languages, scripture text hover, 700 quiz questions, and offline viewing in the FREE web app.



God cannot keep secrets from His servants. Therefore, as His servants, we can study prophecies and know what God has in store for us.