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The purpose of this Brain Health App is to teach and demonstrate the underpinnings of brain-health and total wellness for all persons, regardless of age, profession, education, or economic status. There is great benefit for everyone in all spheres of life.

The focus is on brain-function, growth and rewiring to impact total wellness, attitude, learning, memory, motivation, behavior, and relationships.  

The goal is that participants will be able to make changes in their lives to enjoy balance as well as reverse lifestyle diseases that include depression, anxiety, dementia, diabetes type III of the brain, obesity, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and autism. Further, learn how to implement strategies to deal with stress and trauma, change distorted thinking, as well as improve critical thinking and creativity. The principal training material is the Brain Performance Booster App, which includes 6 videos, 6 audios, and a handbook with summary notes on the videos, brain rewiring activities, a healthy lifestyle program, meal preparation guidelines, and brain-food recipes. A major part of the training is the Home Wellness Spa below.


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Home Wellness Spa

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You Need To Have

The focus of the Home Wellness Spa is on spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, relational, and vocational aspects of a person’s life. The goal is to empower you to turn your home into a wellness spa so that you can enjoy healing of mind, body, and spirit.

In keeping with the goals of the Spa program, the tools include additional material on life skills, career planning, marital issues, brain-based parenting practices, communication, and budgeting. Thus, you are provided with additional material:

  • The Home Wellness Spa Handbook
  • I’ve Got Joy, 6 therapy audio presentations with relaxation exercises designed to lead you into a more fulfilled and joyous life in Jesus
  • I Can Make It book with activities for self-discovery and personal development
  • Empowered to Make Your Marriage Work: For singles and married persons
  • My Future Is Secure App, which provides a study on the Bible prophecies of Daniel and Revelation



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