Brain Health and Total Wellness

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains arranged in the form of a brain

Great benefit for everyone in all spheres of life.

The purpose of this Brain Health material is to teach and demonstrate the underpinnings of brain-health and total wellness for all persons, regardless of age, profession, education, or economic status.

The App includes:

  • A Professional Assessment and Treatment Plan for recovery from mental health and other lifestyle diseases as well as access to all the resources provided.
  • The Brain Performance Booster, which consists of videos, audios, and a handbook to explain brain function in relation to major organs so that you understand and know the origin of diseases and be able to make informed decisions for your health.
  • The Home Wellness Spa, handbook on all the essentials for health that includes nutrition, herbs, supplements, detoxification, exercise, massage, meditation, and treatments for the major lifestyle diseases.
  • I Can Make It, book with activities for self-discovery and personal development.
  • Book, Empowered to Make Your Marriage Work: For singles and married persons.




Home Wellness Spa

To show elements of a wellness spa


You Need To Have

The focus of the Home Wellness Spa is to help persons adopt health practices in daily living.

The material is a comprehensive guide to help you turn your home into a total wellness spa to improve your health and reverse lifestyle diseases.

Move-At-Home Club, ZOOM free access: Monday to Friday exercise program to support your lifestyle changes.

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