We provide seminars and workshops to address brain-health issues faced by different people-groups in varied environments (workplace, community groups, schools, universities, churches, and governments).

Following are outlines of the programs we present.

Brain-health to experience total wellness


  • The roles of environment, emotions, thoughts, and lifestyle on brain-mental health
  • How the functions of the limbic system interplay to promote health or disease
  • Understanding the functions of the working memory system of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex in relation to the gut and immune system
  • How the limbic system and brain-chemistry can enhance or sabotage higher thinking processes in the prefrontal cortex
  • Causes and reversal of common mental health disorders
  • Lifestyle requirements for brain health and total wellness
  • The poor-man’s diet for total wellness



Stress and trauma recovery


  • Stress defined
  • Trauma defined
  • Stress and brain chemistry
  • Stress, brain, adrenals, and the heart
  • Trauma and the brain
  • Social and behavioral issues of stress and trauma
  • Brain rewiring to reduce the effects of stress and trauma
  • Therapeutic strategies for brain and emotional health



Depression and anxiety recovery


  • Origins of the disorders focusing on the functions of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex in relation to the gut, liver, and adrenals
  • Stress and trauma as the precursors to depression and anxiety
  • Symptoms of the disorders
  • Natural treatment of food, herbs, spices, and supplements to reverse conditions



Brain power to reach your full potential


  • The basics of brain wiring and function
  • Brain hormones
  • Growing the brain
  • Improving lifestyle for greater brain power



Brain rewiring to change thoughts, motivation, and behavior


  • Understanding the wiring of the brain
  • The role of environment and making adjustments
  • Distorted thinking and how to change it
  • Motivation and attitude
  • Influencing behavior
  • Lifestyle for brain-rewiring



Brain-based learning to improve study ability


  • Brain functions for learning and memory
  • How to grow the brain
  • Motivation
  • Learning and memory strategies
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity



Brain power for God’s service


  • The need for brain-power in relation to the seal of God and the three angels’ messages
  • Understanding the wiring of the brain, particularly the emotional brain and the prefrontal cortex
  • Guarding sensory organs and environment
  • Lifestyle considerations to enhance service



Special combination per your group request


  • You can select from the topics above and make request for them.
  • Consider the duration and cost-factor in your selection.



Media presentations on all the training seminars


  • For a comprehensive training resource your group can utilize, see the Brain Performance Booster web app. Just click the button below.