Benefit from our health program by subscribing to one of the following:

  1. Brain Health and Total Wellness App. Get resources to help you enjoy health and be your own health coach as you learn how to treat yourself and others for lifestyle diseases and viruses. Be able to join the Move At Home Club, a proven workout program that changes lives.
  2. Healthy Living. This comprises the Brain Health and Total Wellness App, especially for SDA members. Only a donation is required. In the registration process, when you get to “Checkout,” “Additional Information,” state – “I request the Church Member Registration Form.” Thereafter, you only need to donate as you desire.
  3. Health Recovery-A. A program to guide you through the possible reversal of lifestyle diseases in a two-month period of support.
  4. Health Recovery-B. We provide three months support for health changes. This includes Christian psychological counseling for the individual member and family, virtual and face-to-face, to ensure health recovery.
  5. IDL Responders Training. Providing leaders with the tools to do mental health counseling in areas that include stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, dementia, diabetes III, schizophrenia, and obesity. 

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