Your 40-Day Challenge Support

This is your opportunity for you to have a great start to the rest of your life. Find support to make healthy lifestyle changes.

We will provide assistance in meal planning and recipe creation, opportunity for journaling, and a checklist for you to observe your weekly progress during the 40-day period. You have no need to worry about how you will do daily exercise. We provide a great workout for you, one that will give you energy for the day. 

If you need additional health information, you can sign up for our Healthy Living App or a more extensive set of resources in Brain Health and Total Wellness App.

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Meet Your Health Goals

Determine your health goals for the 40 days and make plans to accomplish them, by the grace of God. Because health is holistic, your goals can include every aspect of life, be it spiritual, physiological, intellectual-educational, social, and career development. We help you structure your life to enjoy the abundant life in our LORD.


Get Help if you Have a Medical Problem

If you need additional help to recover from illness, you can sign up for our Health Recovery A or B program.

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Get pdf downloads of the Healthy Living Guide etc:



Review Videos on Cellular Healing and Autophagy (for detoxification):



Review Videos on Healthy Living (for meal planning and lifestyle changes) – Brain and Body, Diabetes Prevention, and Cancer Prevention:

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Engage in daily workout for one hour, do your 20-minute walk after meals, and 10-minute HIIT before meals for diabetes and weight loss:

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