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This set of 6-audio presentations consist of two tracks each. Track-1 is motivational and instructional. Track-2 is therapeutic with relaxation and meditation on spiritual themes to enhance one’s experience with Christ.

Before you listen to these audios, find a quiet place and body position that are comfortable, so that you can benefit from the presentations. Also, now is a good time for you to practice the correct way to breathe deeply.

Ready? Inhale through your nostrils, allowing your chest and abdomen to fill and rise with air. Your shoulders must remain motionless throughout. Exhale through your mouth allowing your chest and abdomen to fall to your back. Now, try it again. Breathe in, and blow out. Breathe in and hold it for five seconds, after which you will let it out at once . . . 4, 3, 2, 1. Now, try it once more on your own, and feel relaxed.

Turn on soft lights and meditate on spiritual themes. Enjoy therapy sessions to deal with stressful situations.






A More Wonderful Me


My Only Joy


Not Guilty


Joy In The Morning


I’ve Got Joy